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Frequently Asked Questions

People frequently ask: “What about cremation? Can I still have a monument?

Of course.

It is still important to place a monument where the ashes are buried. Some cemeteries are setting aside sections for this purpose.

All the reasons for having a monument…love, remembrance, tribute…still prevail, whether cremation is used or not.

This information has been provided as a public service by Monument Builders of North America.

Increasingly, people are choosing to purchase their own monument before death. By planning ahead, you can select the style, size and color you prefer. Through a personalized design which you help to create, the monument can reflect your beliefs, values, whatever is meaningful you you. What do you want to tell future generations about yourself and your family? This is your chance to make your personal statement for history.

You can save money, too, when you buy a monument before the need arises. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come.

The best consumer is an educated one…whether your purchase is a car, house or a monument.

Always remember…you have the right to choose.

Cemeteries have different rules and regulations regarding monuments and markers. Before you buy a cemetery lot, ask what kinds of monuments and markers are permitted. Your monument retailer is a good source of information on cemetery policies in your community.

Some cemeteries (often called memorial parks) only allow flat – or lawn level markers. If your lot is in this kind of cemetery, you could never place a traditional upright monument there.

Some cemeteries only allow upright monuments in certain sections. Or they may impose restrictions on the size, which could severely limit your choice. When you purchase a cemetery lot, be sure you know if traditional upright monuments are allowed and if there are limitations on location and size.

Many cemeteries charge a variety of fees for installation of the monument, perpetual care and other add-on services. Some cemeteries will tell a customer that they are the only ones who can install a monument or that installation costs are a part of the lot price. This is illegal in many places. Ask questions before you buy a cemetery lot, and be sure you receive satisfactory answers.

Your local monument retailer will help you get answers to your questions about the right choice for the monument you want to purchase. Remember – The monument will endure for generations. Both monument and cemetery lot are purchases of lasting importance.

A stable and honest business reputation, with a full-time commitment to selling monuments. You want a firm that was in business yesterday and will be in business tomorrow.

An attractive display where you may view a selection of monuments in different sizes, colors, materials and styles. This allows you to see a wide range of choices available before deciding on your monument

Ability to listen…to counsel…to help you create a monument that is artistically designed and personalized this way, you can turn a monument into a “memorial”.

Knowledge of your cemetery’s rules and regulations governing types and sizes of monuments. You need to know right away if the cemetery has restrictions which will limit your free choice of a monument.

A payment policy which is fair and reasonable. Most monument retailers request a down payment with the balance due when the monument is placed in the cemetery

Wait until you are ready after the death of a loved one before going to your local monument retailer to select a monument. Only you know when the time is right.

Avoid monuments that are carbon copies of others placed in your cemetery. Your loved one was special. The monument you choose should portray that uniqueness.

Don’t order solely from pictures. There are important differences in colors and finishes which cannot be observed except by seeing and touching the real thing. It is important to do business with an established monument retailer.

If you are like most people, you regard the purchase of a monument as the final tribute you can offer your deceased loved one. To make this important purchase wisely, you need to know about the variety of monuments and markers available. You also need to be aware of local cemetery regulations…and how those regulations may affect your right to purchase the memorial of your choice, from a monument retailer of your choosing.

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