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Grief and Healing

Grief and Healing

Grief and Healing

Look for me in all places and in all ways… I’m always with you… Grief the unspoken…

Healing for me is not getting over my loss. Healing is touching loss and experiences in the transformative presence of love. Having an open heart does not mean my hurt is over. Healing the hurt means I can sit with another who is hurting and Hold them in Love. I can use my hurt to go to those places where only hurt can go. -Benjamin Allen

Small things can trigger a fresh wave of grief…a smell, a look or perhaps a song… Within seconds you are flung into a time machine and are transported back to hat “moment” when time stood still, the world had crashed at your feet. Zoe Clark-Coates

The grieving carry a heavy load. You can add to it by judging, criticizing and forgetting, or you can help carry it for awhile by listening, supporting and remembering. Which will you choose? All that love can do – unknown

The music changed the day you died, the musical score of my life was forever changed. A sad undertone was added. Some days it is very loud. Some days it is very soft. But it is always there. I am thankful for the days when I can hear the joyful melody of life. I will listen to your song forever in my heart. – Mardi Slagle Peaster

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. –

One loss brings up all losses just as one love is a reflection of all love. – Benjamin Allen

I am slowly stitching my life back together. And I only want to sew alongside those that I can be sad with. Everyone wants you when you’re happy. But those that want you when you’re sad… Well, they are like blankets keeping you snug and warm on the coldest, emptiest and plainest of all days – S.C. Lourie Butterflies and Pebbles.

You are forever and always the hero of my heart. The love of my life.

After I lost my loved one, the way I look at life changed. Life as I knew it changed. You can’t control it and you don’t choose it. It just happens. – Angie Cartwright
You are always in my heart. – FB/ Hope beyond grief

I’ve seen things that I want to un-see. I’ve felt pain that I want to un-feel. My life forever transformed by your love and your death. Your short life has ended. My long life of grief has begun. I will miss you forever. -unknown

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of Power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief… and unspeakable love. -Washington Irving

The very worst part of grief is that you can’t control it. The best we can do is try to let ourselves feel it when it comes and let it go when we can. -Grey’s Anatomy

Run your fingers through my soul for once, just once. Feel exactly what I feel. Believe what I believe. Perceive what I perceive. Look, experience, examine and just for once, just once understand… -Unknown

And we wept that one so Lovely should have a life so brief. William Cullen Brian

“Silent Grief” – Everything looked good on the outside but on the inside I was dying. -Angie Cartwright

Our Souls will never say goodbye. – Love beyond Stars

A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted… Mostly because I assumed that there would be a thousand more. – Morgan Matson

Love you forever, miss you for always.

Death changes everything! Time changes nothing… I till miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom in your life and just being in your presence. So, no, time changes nothing. I miss you so much today as I did the day you died. – I just miss you!
We never need be ashamed of our tears – Charles Dickens

My mind still talks to you. My heart still looks for you. – unknown

I walk down memory lane because I love running into you. – FB/Grief and Healing in the afterloss

I will always wake up with you in my heart. – Love beyond stars

Feathers appear when angels are near. -unknown

GRIEF – I give myself and others permission to grieve at their own pace. Recognizing that all people are different in their journey of healing. I give myself and others grace, acceptance, compassion and kindness on their grieving journey. -Lee Hobachewski

They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal. But neither time nor reason, will change the way I feel. For no-one knows how many times I have broken down and cried. I want to tell you something, So there won’t be any doubt. You’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without. – Author unknown.

Diseases such as mental illness and depression are every bit as deadly as heart disease and cancer. You don’t “commit” suicide. You die by suicide. Just like you die by heart disease. The word “committing” sounds like a crime. If you have not wrestled a demon called depression you have no right to judge. – Danielle Colby American Pickers
National Suicide Prevention lifeline Text HELLO to 741741 1-800-273-Talk It’s free and open 24/7
Grief and healing in the afterloss.
Sharing is caring – a season of grief daily emails.
Megan Devine
author of “It’s OK That You’re Not OK”

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